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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Can Adjusting to Neutral help me?

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Stiffness, Joint Degeneration, Wellness, Performance

Adjusting to Neutral is perhaps the most disruptive technique in Chiropractic. Not that we ever intended that but our pursuit to be the most effective treatment modality led us to a very different discovery. Dr. Russ Hornstein, our founder, had been asking the same question for many years.

'If a split second trauma could have lasting effect on the body, is it possible that by the same mechanism a treatment could do the same to resolve it'. With 30 years of Neurology specialisation and study to back him up, he slowly unravelled the answer.

Trauma is a very fast force that drives the body away from balance. It has a lasting on effect on certain muscles and he found that it was possible to find out precisely what trauma had done to the muscles and to use the tools of chiropractic and a new technique to apply a reversed and precise force to resolve the imbalance put in place by the original trauma leaving the joint at rest in the neutral positon.

What can we fix with Adjusting to Neutral?

Everything that you could go to a Chiropractor for, we can treat. You can expect a comfortable treatment and very fast and lasting results. Adjusting to Neutral is proving to really shake up how Chiropractors in the future will be able to help resolve joint problems and enhance physical performance.

Interested in trying A2N?

If you haven't found the right solution to your problem, speak to us and we'll help you find an A2N practitioner near you.

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