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What is the hardest part of learning the technique?

Thinking differently about the joint. In the first part of the setup we are actually finding where the joint is the loosest in rotation and translation then we find the direction where there is the resistance coming back to neutral and adjust there. Since most adjusting has the practitioner putting a lot of force into the joint on the setup, it feels very strange at first. Once you feel it though, it makes perfect sense.

Will I be able to learn to technique in one weekend?

Yes. We have worked very carefully to balance what you need to understand from our lecture portion and what you need to experience in the practical. Our faculty is very experienced in making complex subjects easy to understand and integrate into your practice and in the hands on portion you will experience the setups from our faculty on you and have one on one coaching 

Will I get the notes?

Seminar attendees receive a note pack that covers the points of the seminar, adjusting details and tips to help you master it. You are also invited to the Adjusting to Neutral facebook page where you can post questions, share your successes and communicate with other A2N practitioners. 

Why are there 3 different seminars?

There is a lot to say! All seminars will cover cervical and lumbar adjusting but from three different stating points.
The Biomechanics module will cover the details of joint motion and force absorption and gait so we will learn to assess failures and treatments from this perspective. 
The Integration module teaches you how about the role proprioceptors play in integrative pathways, particularly the deeper and older pathways of the vestibular system. Resolving issues in these old integrative pathways has profound effects on many many other functions. come to this session to have your mind blown and expand the scope of your practice.

The Diagnosis module will start from the perspectives of what chiropractors generally see in their practices. Here we will open up the context to the underlying neurology behind neck and back pain, digestive and other autonomic failures and more to give you new insights on how you can use your adjusting and therapies to address these issues with great precision. 

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