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Expanding Horizons: Adjusting to Neutral Grows Global with New Training Hubs and Specialized Seminars

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Valencia event centre

The Adjusting to Neutral program is now in The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, England, and the USA. This growth heralds a new era of accessibility and opportunity for practitioners seeking to enhance their skills and understanding of chiropractic care. Furthermore, plans are already underway to extend this innovative training to Scandinavia later this year and to Australia in 2025.

The Adjusting to Neutral team has hit the ground running this year, having successfully completed specialised seminars on 'Extremity Adjusting' and 'Sports and Performance' modules in Amsterdam. These in-depth courses have provided participants with cutting-edge techniques and insights, essential for advancing in the dynamic fields of sports chiropractic and management of extremity issues. For those who could not attend in person, the recordings of these transformative sessions will soon be available on the Designed 2 Move website.

Looking ahead, the program is set to return to Amsterdam in October for specialized seminars focusing on Upper Cervical and TMJ Adjusting. These sessions are designed to deepen practitioners' knowledge and techniques in these critical areas of chiropractic care.

Adding to the excitement, Dr. Russ Hornstein, a leading figure in the chiropractic community, will be presenting two pivotal workshop lectures at the ECU 2024 convention in Valencia. The workshops, titled 'Resolving Spinal Stability Post-Trauma: Prioritising Stability Over Range of Motion' and 'Optimizing Spinal Biomechanics for Enhanced Proprioception and Autonomic Function,' promise to offer invaluable insights and strategies for practitioners committed to advancing their clinical outcomes.

The UK is also on the agenda, with a Biomechanics module scheduled for September in London. Details are soon to follow, offering UK-based practitioners the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of biomechanics and its application in chiropractic care. Additionally, the team is in the process of scheduling a return to Minneapolis for the highly anticipated Diagnostics module.

For those interested in furthering their chiropractic education, bookings for the Integration module in Spain are now open. However, prospective attendees are advised to act swiftly, as the venue offers very limited seating, ensuring an intimate and focused learning environment.

This year promises to be a landmark period for the Adjusting to Neutral program, as it continues to provide unparalleled education and training opportunities to chiropractic professionals around the globe. Stay tuned for more details and ensure your spot at these essential gatherings for the chiropractic community.For more information and to secure your place at these upcoming seminars, visit our website and join our mailing list for the latest updates and offerings in the world of chiropractic excellence.

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