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What does the Adjusting to Neutral treatment feel like?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

A bit unlike anything else. Chiropractic adjustments typically start by putting a lot of stretch on tight muscles and then apply a sharp force driving the joint just past its end range. Adjusting to Neutral does none of that. The adjustment starts by allowing the bent joint to just be bent to the side. We then feel precisely which muscle is actually keeping it from coming back to centre and stretch that muscle. The strech is short and sharp but because the movement is toward a neutral position, there is no stress to the neck. People are usually very surprised how comfortable the adjustment is.

One of the best things about A2N is that it makes the spinal stabilising muscles work much better and more efficiently. This also means that the mechanical function of the joints improves immediately. For cases where there has been poor stability, pathomechanics and joint degeneration, this is an excellent way to turn things around and quickly get on the mend.

Since we are only stretching one joint at a time, we are able to work through the spine carefully and accurately, giving each joint the precise treatment it needs to start functioning well once again.

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