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Date and time is TBD



Minneapolis Diagnostics

"Diagnostics - Uncovering the Core of Spinal Issues." This seminar is designed for chiropractic professionals eager to sharpen their diagnostic skills and uncover the underlying issues in patient conditions with unprecedented precision.

Minneapolis Diagnostics
Minneapolis Diagnostics

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Minnetonka, 11055 Wayzata Blvd suite 150, Minnetonka, MN 55305, USA


About the event

This seminar is ideal for chiropractic practitioners looking to elevate their diagnostic capabilities and provide targeted, effective treatment. If you are committed to understanding and resolving the root causes of your patients’ spinal issues, this event will arm you with the knowledge and tools necessary for profound patient care improvements.

Transform Your Practice with Superior Diagnostic Skills

Join us for a seminar that will change the way you approach chiropractic diagnostics forever. Elevate your practice, enhance patient satisfaction, and achieve lasting results by mastering the art of identifying and addressing core spinal issues.

Course Highlights

  • Enhanced Diagnostic Techniques: Begin with a refined approach to diagnostics, allowing you to swiftly identify the most pressing issues presented by your patients. Learn to interpret patient presentations effectively and apply neurological and biomechanical reasoning with the Adjusting to Neutral methodology.
  • Understanding Proprioceptive Errors: Delve into the roots of your patients' issues by identifying proprioceptive errors, improving your ability to diagnose and treat conditions accurately.
  • Targeted Cervical and Lumbar Solutions: Gain specific insights into addressing the most significant problems in the cervical and lumbar spine. Understand where and how adjustments should be made for maximum impact.
  • Precision and Clarity in Treatment: Discover how to apply treatments with precision, reaching the deeper neurological issues and effectively addressing your patient’s core problems.
  • Building Diagnostic Skills: From the ground up, enhance your diagnostic capabilities. This seminar carefully cultivates your understanding, allowing you to reach conclusive clinical diagnoses.
  • Measurable Results: Implement pre- and post-tests that not only guide your treatment approach but also visibly demonstrate the significant changes achieved through the Adjusting to Neutral method.

More details for dates and bookings, soon.

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